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Nick Steward

I’m a pretty hard person to impress. I’m very much a “there’s a job to do, so get it done” type of guy. That being said, Egypt is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! My wife and I are first time home buyers, and had no clue what to expect from this process. She was very thorough in her explanation of every step. She was patient, very helpful in advising us, and easily accessible when we needed to reach her. My coworker was also in the process of becoming a first time home buyer, and at times we would discuss our processes. I’m sure all situations are very different, but our process seemed SIGNIFICANTLY easier than my coworker’s, and I truly believe that it was because of Egypt. Often, I found myself saying to my coworker, “why didn’t your agent do xyz? That’s what my agent did/negotiated for us.” I recommend Egypt to anyone purchasing or selling a home. She truly does work for AND with you to meet your home buying/selling goals. The majority of our friends will be making a transition from apartment to house within the next few years, and I plan to slide Egypt’s card to all of them