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30 Reasons You Should Invest In A Home In Georgia

Ever wonder why plenty of people are relocating to Georgia? I’ve got 30 reasons and they’re more than enough to convince you into making the big move as well. Let’s get right to it.

  1. Atlanta is amazing
    Atlanta’s sprawling metropolis is one of the best places in the Southeast to work, play, eat, create, and enjoy nature right in the city.
  2. Living in Georgia is affordable
    Compared to other big states, the cost of living in Georgia is relatively low. Atlanta is considered one of the most affordable cities to live in the US.
  3. It’s safe in Georgia
    Georgia’s cities, whether they’re old or newly established, rank as some of the safest in the United States.
  4. The schools are excellent state wide
    There’s no need to move to Atlanta or its suburbs to get topnotch education for your kids – top-performing schools are everywhere in Georgia.
  5. Commuting is a breeze
    Atlanta’s suburbs are accessible, and that means short and stress-free commutes if you’re studying or working in the city.
  6. The sports culture is exciting
    Georgia is home to a large number of amateur and professional sports teams – and that makes for a thriving sports community.
  7. G is for Georgia and golf
    Georgia ranks as one of the most prominent destinations in the country for golf, with several highly acclaimed golf and country clubs located in the state.
  8. It’s a paradise for fishing enthusiasts
    Miles of streams and rivers snake through Georgia, providing plenty of opportunities for avid anglers to catch trout and other fish.
  9. Fresh produce is easy to get
    Pursuing a farm-to-table food lifestyle is easy in Georgia – there are hundreds of farmer’s markets in the state.
  10. Local farmers and artisans receive community support
    Plenty of farmer’s markets mean many avenues for local farmers and artisans to showcase their wares and produce.
  11. Festivals are a-plenty
    From the Georgia Peach Festival to bluegrass festivals scattered across the state, Georgia’s got you covered.
  12. It’s a laidback life out here
    Although big cities such as Atlanta can get fast paced, in general, life in Georgia easygoing.
  13. The food culture is diverse
    Whether you’re craving good ol’ Southern comfort food or Kenyan fare, Georgia restaurants deliver an array of world flavors.
  14. History is everywhere
    No matter where you look, wherever you area, you’ll always find bits and pieces of Georgia’s colorful history.
  15. It’s a great state for millennials
    Millennials are the next generation of movers and shakers, and there’s abundant space and plenty of opportunities to carve out a creative and fulfilling life in Georgia.
  16. Parents assisting their child in riding a bike at one of Georgia's parks

  17. Enjoy acres of wide open spaces
    There’s no need to venture far from the city to relax and treat you eyes to Georgia’s wide expanses of lush greenery.
  18. The air is good and clean
    Georgia is one of the cleanest cities in the US. Fresh air can be enjoyed at any time.
  19. Georgia is family friendly
    With its safe communities and good schools, Georgia has proven itself to be one helluva family-friendly state.
  20. The real estate is relatively affordable
    Homes in Georgia are inexpensive compared to other states and are certainly worth every penny.
  21. Property options are diverse
    Whether you’re looking for a log cabin in the woods or a magnificent home in Buckhead, Georgia real estate will not disappoint.
  22. It’s cheap to live healthy in Georgia
    There are hundreds of parks to run in, miles of hiking trails to get your heart rate up, and cheap yet good produce available everywhere.
  23. Work opportunities are never-ending
    Some people relocate to Georgia for work, and Atlanta, Columbus, Athens, and Augusta are a few cities brimming with opportunities.
  24. The weather is warm and lovely most of the year
    It can get humid, it can get rainy, but most of the year, the weather in Georgia is temperate and enjoyable.
  25. Some of the best school systems are in Georgia
    Georgia is home to great high schools. Check out the school systems in Johns Creek and Alpharetta to learn more.
  26. Trees are everywhere
    Green is good for the soul, and Georgia’s got plenty of trees, whether you’re in the city or in the countryside.
  27. The lakes invite water sports
    Georgia has several lakes where you can swim, fish, kayak, and paddle to your heart’s content.
  28. Georgia’s sweet tea is addictive
    The best part is it goes well with everything, from barbecue to cake. Yum!
  29. The Brunswick stew and fried chicken
    Georgia is the place where you’ll find the best-fried chicken joints and bowls of delicious Brunswick stew.
  30. Georgia’s coastlines are beautiful
    We’re proud of Georgia’s beaches and gorgeous seascapes.
  31. You’ll meet some of the most wonderful people in GA
    Georgians have a reputation for being some of the warmest and most hospitable folk you’ll have the good fortune of meeting.

Group of friends strolling in one of Georgia's amazing parks
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